Interior of a hotel reception decorated with a satellite image

The Beauty of the Earth

Ready to elevate your rooms?

Dive into a cosmic journey where art meets geography and imagination knows no
boundaries. With Art-from-Space you can transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary
landscapes, bringing the magnificence of our planet right to your interior.

All the World

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Choose your individual highlights. With Art-from-Space you can reach any
place in the world. You decide what you like.

Interior Design

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High-end image presentations in gallery quality from Art-from-Space
offers you a wide range of ways to show off your motifs to their best advantage.
Take a look around, we will be happy to advise you.

Individual Colours

Ready to be your own artist?

Give the motif a theme, create a connection with your business, match the colours to your rooms.
With Art-from-Space you can individualise your pictures.