Our Story

In the past, when astronauts were asked what the Earth looked like from space, the answer was always the same: “It’s beautiful, country borders are indistinguishable, colours and shapes are indescribable”. The Earth is observed and recorded from every conceivable angle by countless satellites. Satellites provide us with data of astounding quality, giving us the ability to make the beauty of the Earth visible and tangible to everyone.

As a geoinformatics company, we at mundialis use these satellite images primarily for scientific purposes. However, we were quick to recognise the beauty and potential of the images and, together with the photo studio and laboratory visuell  we bring satellite images to life in a brilliant and magnificent way with high quality image presentations: Laminations on aluminium composite panels or, for added value, behind glass. Including concealed strip mounting systems. Canvas stretched on bespoke frames. The right technique for each motif, the right choice of material for each room. Picture finishing requires precise craftsmanship, which has been visuell’s core competence for many years!

That’s how our team transforms views of the Earth into individual works of art, creating spectacular images from raw space data.