Answers to frequently asked questions about the collaboration process

“Art-from-space” is a unique product where we provide artistically enhanced satellite imagery, ideal for decorating interiors and exteriors. We collaborate with our clients to customize and print these images on various materials, creating beautiful decorative pieces.

Our pieces are versatile, suitable for homes, offices, hotels, conference centers, museums, and even exterior spaces like scaffolding and floors.*

Yes, you can select individual motifs such as specific cities, lakes, rivers, mountains, volcanos, and other geographical features.

We offer prints on a variety of materials such as aluminum composite, canvas, rigid foam, wood, and metal sheets

Our images possess a natural beauty and uniqueness due to the different combinations of spectral bands that are inherent in each satellite image

You can start by discussing your preferences and needs with us, and we will advise and guide you through the selection and customization process.

Yes, we can customize the size and shape of the artwork to meet the specific requirements of your space.

Pricing is based on various factors like the size of the piece, material chosen for printing, and the complexity of the customization.

Delivery times vary based on the customization and material chosen, but we always strive to complete and deliver each piece as quickly as possible.

Yes, we offer installation services, but our pieces are designed to be easily installed by professional art handlers or with guidance.

Yes, we provide previews and ensure that you are satisfied with the artwork before it goes into the final stages of printing and production.

Absolutely, we will work closely with you to create a piece that complements the aesthetics of your space.

We use high-resolution satellite images, ensuring that the final artwork is clear, detailed, and visually stunning.

Yes, when choosing materials and enhancements, we consider the location of the artwork to ensure durability, whether indoors or outdoors.

Maintenance depends on the material used, but generally, the artwork can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth. We will provide specific care instructions based on the chosen material and finish.

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